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:bulletblack: Cheren is claustrophobic, which makes him ignore and avoid large groups of people that are larger than three (Not including him of course).

:bulletblack: Cheren is a trans man, keeping it 100% secret from everyone. He had spent almost his whole life trying to adapt his voice to be more manly, to the point that you can no longer hear the feminine sound in his voice, but you can hear it a little when he's sick. He wears a corset bra to keep the appearance of his breast down, and since he's flat chested, it's very easy for that. Eventually he stopped wearing the corset bra, because it had deformed her breast, making her flat as a board.

:bulletblack: Cheren was actually happy when N left, he never trusted him, and N being part of Team Plasma made him more weary of him. He still wont trust N to even this day.

:bulletblack: He can't handle spicy food, just the smell of anything spicy makes him sick.

:bulletblack: Cheren originally hated the idea of becoming a normal type gym leader, but then got over it.

:bulletblack: Cheren wasn't born in Nuvema Town, he was originally born in Accumula Town and lived there until he was 6 years old, then had to move to Nuvema Town.

:bulletblack: Her original name is Chernata, but changed it to Cheren so it would seem more masculine.

:bulletblack: Two years after he moved to Nuvema, his mother then disowned him for being a trans man, and left him alone. Not wanting anyone to find out, he always said his mother was too busy to answer the phone, or to go out and talk.

:bulletblack: He is Bulgarian, but know very little of the language, only knowing a couple sayings.



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After!BW!Pre!BW2 Cheren

||Cheren||Male?||Blue||Black||Difficult|| Impatient ||Determined||Tsundere||Loyal||Nuvema Town, Unova||Aspertia Gym leader||Basic badge||


-Cheren is often described as impatient, difficult, and hard working.

- Cheren’s all about logic, perfection and determination. If he’s knocked down seven times, he’ll stand up eight.

- Usually, he comes off as sardonic and unapproachable, but he’s just very guarded. He tends to take his battling seriously, so it irritates him when people mess around during battles - oh, that’s another thing about him. He is very irritable.

- Although he himself doesn’t notice it, he gets easily flustered, whether it be from being annoyed or flattery.

- Sometimes, he has a tendency to make some sort of motion where he’d push up his ‘glasses’. Being so used to wearing his red specs and only recently changing to contacts, he’s not quite accustomed to breaking that habit. When he does it, he gets very angry at himself. To break said habit, he straights his tie rather than poking himself in the face - it’s a slow, but steady start.



--Simisear|♂|Lv.65|Changes depending on Challengers starter|
--Emboar|♂|Lv.69|Changes depending on Challengers starter|


[Bigo ass wip, dudes

If you have a problem with my headcanons for Cheren; please, kindly leave and never come back.

The head canon of Cheren being a Trans man is a very unpopular headcanon.]

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